Listed here are either favorite places of mine to shop, or favorite products I use.

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Hawaiian Bud & Bloom Fertilizer

This is the best orchid fertilizer I have ever used. It is low in nitrogen and potassium (especially diluted to 1 TSP/gallon of water that I use, and it is HUGE in phosphorus, which stimulates bud development and blooms. I have more flowers on more plants every single year with this product than I have had in any FIVE YEAR period with any other fertilizer!


Better-Geo Orchid Bark

This mix is Better-Gro’s pure bark. It is fresh, hard coarse chunks. No dust or earthy-type component at all – pure, solid chunks of bark. GREAT stuff for orchids that need lots of air circulation and some drying between watering.

Better Gro Special Blend

This is the version that has the little pits of hardwood charcoal and perlite mixed in with the western fir bark. Some people prefer the look of pure bark, some don’t care. I suspect the perlite aides in minimizing compaction as the bark breaks down (also aiding in aeration , and its structure probably hold and releases water slowly. The charcoal seems to increase nitrogen recovery to the plant. I’ve used both versions for many years, love both, and simply purchase whichever is available when I’m shopping for potting bark. This version is more expensive because of the additives.

Sphagnum moss

This is the Sphagnum moss I’ve started to use. I love it! It comes in a very light, dry bail that breaks apart easily. Little or no dust or tiny particles. Long strands of dry moss. Just soak in water for a couple minutes and use!

Dormant Oil

This is my favorite dormant oil product. I have used it successfully for years. This is the 16 fluid oz size. For larger operations it’s available in 32 oz. and 1 gallon jugs.