Ludisia discolor

Ludisia discolor

I only have one orchid of this type. These are considered “terrestrial” orchids because they grow in actual soil. The best soil is a light, humus-rich soil.

Ludisia discolor

WATER: Water regularly. You should not let this plant get bone-dry, but don’t leave it in standing water either.

LIGHT: Requires low light. I keep this orchid in my “orchid” room in medium to bright spots (on an internal shelf, desk, or table) and NEVER exposed to direct sunlight.

MEDIA: Unlike most orchids, this is a terrestrial which means it is grown in light, humus-rich soil. I can be repotted occasionally but I have kept this plant healthy and happy for years without repotting.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: Normal household temperature ranges. I can’t speak to its ability to survive either extreme, but it does fine in our normal household range of low- to mid-60s as the winter lows and low- to mid-80s as the summer highs in the house.

Ludisia discolor flowers

CARE: Easy to care for. Unlike most orchids, simply trim it back more like you would trim a houseplant. When individual sections get leggy, I simply cut them out. New growth originates from the soil as well as from

BLOOMING: Develops delicate, sparse clumps of pure white flowers once or twice a year. Mine seems to like to bloom in the mid- to late-winter.

REPOTTING: Occasionally, in true soil. Cuttings root VERY easily so this is a plant that is VERY easy to share.