Classified Listing Rules


(From Others may not be free! So check listings.) is a labor of love of a private individual – Joel Guerin – with a large, personal orchid collection. For YEARS he has repotted and separated orchids or started pups and wound up with too many of the same plant. So some years ago he started the practice of giving away the extras to orchid-loving friends.

It has now expanded to the point where Joel wishes so share these with visitors and viewers. He has to charge a flat $10 for each orchid given away to cover the packaging costs (including wrapping the roots in moist Sphagnum moss and plastic for the trip), and to cover postage. But there is no charge for the orchid separation. Most are healthy adult bulbs or cuttings from rhizomes that should product new flowers within one year.

1. There are NO guarantees that the orchids are true as named. Joel does his best to keep track of tags and such, but they are only as good as the identification of the plants when he received them. Some plants have no identification are just good (though educated) guesses and are identified as such.

2. There is no guarantee the plant will do well (or even stay alive) in your locale. Joel as done his best to identify the plants and their care in other places on this website, but since he really isn’t charging anything for the plant it can come with no warranties or guarantees either.

3. Others are welcome to post orchids for sale by registering (when you click the “Classifieds/Add” tab). You are encouraged to give yours away as well, in the spirit of obtaining others at similar (shipping and handling charge only) bargains from others. But it is not mandatory. You may charge what you wish.

4. ALL sales between those who post sales and those who purchase them are between the buyer and the seller. OrchidsForAll.Com nor Joel Guerin can assume any responsibility for the quality of the sale, the plant, or the completion of (or failure to complete) the transaction by either party. Neither Joel Guerin nor charge any money for listings and do not benefit financially in any way from said transactions, which are totally between the buyer and seller. The listing is simply made available for free as a service to orchid lovers everywhere.

5. Please do NOT list for sale any orchids that would have to be shipped into or out of the United States so that CITES certification is not an issue. Also, please do not offer any plants that are protected by any patents or other legal protections. It is up to the buyer to ascertain there are no local restrictions on the plant material you are receiving. Some states may regulate live plant materials.

6. Please keep all posts and communications civil, even if there is a dispute. Joel Guerin and reserves the right to delete any post that is for anything other than an orchid (or orchid-related tools or products) or any listing for any reason at any time. While that is not intended to be as threatening as it probably sounds, it’s a catch-all to allow the Admin to remove any objectionable material at any time.